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Abdali Tech engages in the purchase and resale of both new and pre-owned mobile phones, computers, and various other technological devices in the US, UK & Globally. As a reputable stocking re-seller, we offer a comprehensive inventory of new, used, and expertly refurbished laptops, desktops, cell phones, and tablets. 

We are your trusted partner and give you the quality products you deserve. With our products and your business experience, we can create a value to our customers.

Why Us

Quality Products and On-Time Delivery

We are partnered with the most trusted cargo companies of the world to deliver our products to clients with no time wasted. Our products are imported from all over the Europe and are guaranteed from their quality. 

Our Services

Learn more about services of Abdali Tech, the leading firm in import and exports of electronic products


We import the latest used smartphones and computers from all over the world To US, UK and store them in our warehouses.


We export the used smartphones and computers to Asia and globally directly from our warehouses.


We distribute the products internationally and locally to companies who are in business of retailing electronic products.

Our Products

Learn more about products of Abdali Tech, the leading firm in import and exports of electronic products


Latest used smartphones from all popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and so on.


All sorts of laptop from famous brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, and so on.

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How to Work with Us

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    Contact us directly through our phone number or email address and receive your quote.

  • Business Deal

    Make a contract with us and purchase the products you want in bulk. All your products will be listed in the purchase order of the contract.

  • Receive Goods

    In no time, you will receive your products through the cargo company we ship the products in the exact requested location.

  • Start Business

    Easily run your business and retail the products you receive from us.

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